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If you are looking to purchase a bengal kitten then you have come to right place. Bengals are amazing little animals, they are beautiful, affectionate, athletic, playful and intelligent. And with all their unique and wonderful qualities also comes much responsibility…

About Us

We are a family owned cattery that is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that specializes in raising healthy, beautiful and loveable bengal kittens/cats in our home.  We are fully licensed and registered through TICA and CCA-AFC

About Bengals

The Bengal Cat species is the result of breeding a domestic spotted cat with a wild Felids bengalensis, a leopard cat found in southeast Asia. Early breeders of this species wanted to keep the dark leopard spots on the body and legs and retain the striping patter on the head of the cat.

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Simba pounce fail :)

Relaxed mommy + hyper kitten = fun          ...

Two cute videos

We thought these two videos were really cute. The first is Simba falling asleep to a...

Simba at 3 days old

We thought this video of Simba as a kitten was a great way to introduce him to the...

Simba is born!

On June 16 2013 Maishi gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy, for now we have named...

Mommy’s photo-shoot

Maishi (we call her ‘Mishi’ now for short) is our Queen Bengal. Here...